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Sexy Navel - Ileana


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Navel exposure or displaying a bare navel has become of thing of fashion wherein women leave part of the lower abdomen bare.Many Indian women began to wear the normal sari below the waistline exposing the navel which is known as Low-rise sari or low hip sari.The trend of exposing the navel was started by women who were either dancers,acrobats and actresses who developed a technique of wearing the sari like a pair of trousers well below the navel which actually helped in free movement of the legs and to give a sexy feminine look. This trend was slowly spread and became common among unmarried young women.Men get carried away easily watching the navel beauty and feel One of the most attractive features of a woman is her navel.
This blog is a collection of pictures of Indian Women exposing their navel which has been collected from the web and are considered to belong to the public domain.If any articles or images that appear on this site are in violation of copyright law,please email and i will remove the offending information as soon as possible. While others who can contribute to my site are also welcome to send in their suggestions. Contact me at reply.myblogs@gmail.com .


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